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Washable air filters
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Like paper air filters, washable air filters offer protection from dust and tiny particles that can damage your cinema projector's light engine. Washable air filters are economical and environmentally friendly. Instead of replacing it when it gets dirty, you can remove and clean a washable air filter by following a simple process using water and regular laundry detergent. Once it's completely dry you can reinstall it into your projector – and then it's ready to protect your investment once again.

Washable air filters by projector model number:

  • 011-110436-XX:
    • CP4330-RGB, CP4415-RGB
    • CP4420-RGB, CP4425-RGB, CP4430-RGB, CP4435-RGB, CP4440-RGB, CP4445-RGB, CP4450-RGB, CP4455-RGB
  • 011-110474-XX:
    • CP2309-RGB, CP2315-RGB, CP2320-RGB, CP2415-RGB, CP2420-RGB
  • 011-110475-XX:
    • CP2420-Xe, CP4420-Xe
  • 011-110476-XX:
    • CP2420-Xe, CP4420-Xe

Five simple steps to clean the cinema projector washable air filter


How to clean your washable filter