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Christie Pandoras Box® Server, the flagship of our Pandoras Box suite of hardware products, is a turnkey solution that unites state-of-the-art rendering technology with intuitive media and show control.

Featuring an incredibly powerful and versatile render-engine, this high-quality server allows for projection onto any shape or surface as well as high resolution displays at high frame rates.

With the newest generation, more performance and drive space meets the needs of extreme requirements for an ideal price-performance ratio.

Key features

  • Intel® Xeon® processor
  • SSD RAID system
  • 3 performance kits
  • 10G Ethernet
  • Selectable Nvidia Quadro GPUs
  • Up to 8 DisplayPort outputs
  • Optional sync board

Uncompressed quality

Maintain the integrity and quality of your content. With zero compression and no artifacts, delivering stunning visuals is lifted to another quality level. Pandoras Box supports up to 8K and above uncompressed video playback at 60fps for high resolution at its best quality. For high frame rate applications, uncompressed content can also be used with up to 240fps.

10 bit color depth

Combine the power of artifact-free uncompressed content with the enlarged color space of 10 bit content and overcome color banding issues for a truly stunning and flawless color reproduction nd overall image quality. As the traditional 16.7M colors are boosted up to over 1 billion, precise and perfect colors can be displayed. HDR becomes possible with Pandoras Box’s 10 bit render engine and is available throughout Christie’s entire product offering.

Optional video & audio cards

  • Equip the Server with various video input cards to receive DisplayPort, HDMI or 12G-SDI signals. Choose from distinct cards or the DELTACAST FLEX solution.
  • To accept high-quality network streams, add the Terra® / SDVoE input card.
  • Audio options with ADAT and Dante® audio are also available.
  • Choose from various Nvidia graphics cards to match your specific graphical needs and amount of physical outputs.

Performance kits

  • PK1 960GB SSD / 24GB RAM storage with XEON processor
  • PK2 7.5 TB SSD / 48GB RAM storage with XEON processor
  • PK3 32TB SSD / 48GB RAM storage with XEON processor

All servers feature SSD storage and the latest hardware components for maximum stability and performance. All servers include an Intel® XEON® processor and Nvidia graphics card.

Pandoras Box Software

For a flexible and scalable system, combine Pandoras Box Software with the Server.


Learn more about Pandoras Box Server

  • See the link below for full specifications

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