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Christie Mystique - Essentials Edition
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Christie® Mystique Essentials Edition is a single-camera warping and blending tool that simplifies the deployment and maintenance of multi-projector systems by letting users easily and accurately align content on flat screens and surfaces in minutes. With support for up to 12 projectors in a 2x3 double-stacked configuration, Essentials Edition is ideal for staging production companies, integrators and end users looking for an easy way to create simple stacks and blends on temporary or fixed installation applications.

A simple interface guides users through a step-by-step process and provides real-time feedback. Users can achieve professional, high-quality results working with complex projection arrays with no experience required. Working in conjunction with Christie Twist®, Essentials Edition enables the seamless warping and blending of a single display in less than two minutes per projector.

Improve overall image fidelity and uniformity

Automated color and brightness uniformity1 At the click of a mouse, you can adjust color and brightness uniformity across projectors in multi-projector blended arrays to display one seamless image2, ensure a quality audience experience and save time when setting up your display.

Automated color and brightness uniformity

Background compensation1 Need to project on a less-than-ideal background? Using a color camera to detect large contrast differences on your screen or projection surface, Mystique makes automatic adjustments to compensate for visual imperfections such as smudges, dirt or other surface anomalies to provide a more uniform projected image and maintain image fidelity.

Background compensation

1 Requires Mystique Version 2.5 or greater and a single, color camera. Supported projectors: Boxer® 4K30, Mirage 304K, Griffyn® 4K32-RGB, D4K40-RGB, Mirage 4K40-RGB, Mirage SST, and Mirage SST-6P

2 The results will be limited by the lowest-performing projector in the array

Add the additional security and constant vigilance of Christie Guardian

A powerful optional feature of Mystique Essentials and Pro Venue Editions, Christie Guardian constantly monitors a blended projection system for any misalignment. If Guardian detects a misalignment, it automatically calibrates the image in real-time, quickly, invisibly, and without interruption, even when content is playing, so audiences are unaware of any problem.

Supported screen types



Playing surface projection mapping



Dark ride

Mystique camera and lens option

Mystique – Essentials Edition supports a variety of Ethernet* cameras and lens options which are pre-calibrated as a pair to ensure maximum image quality. For help choosing the correct lens and camera pair for your application, use the web calculator.

Requires one of the following lens and camera pairs Part number
5MP CCD POE Ethernet* camera with 5mm lens** 156-107109-XX
5MP CCD POE Ethernet* camera with 8mm lens** 156-146102-XX
5MP CCD POE Ethernet* camera with 12mm lens** 156-147103-XX
5MP CCD POE Ethernet* camera with 16mm lens** 156-148104-XX
5MP COLOR CCD POE Ethernet* camera with 5mm lens** 156-151108-XX
5MP COLOR CCD POE Ethernet* camera with 8mm lens** 156-152109-XX
5MP COLOR CCD POE Ethernet* camera with 12mm lens** 156-153100-XX
5MP COLOR CCD POE Ethernet* camera with 16mm lens** 156-154101-XX

*Additional networking considerations required for Ethernet camera
** Note: Camera and lens pair sold separately


Web calculator recommends the best len​s and camera based on a display's requirements.

​Taking the next step

Do you have an idea for a spectacular visual experience? Speak with our experts today and discover how Christie Mystique can help. Get in touch »


Time to blend and stack

  • System auto-calibrates in less than two minutes per projector

User interface

  • Microsoft Windows applications with step-by-step process and real-time camera feedback

Christie Guardian

  • Optional feature providing constant monitoring and real-time, invisible correction of blended projection systems

Projector support

  • Up to a 2x3 blended configuration that can be stacked for a total of 12 projectors

Screen type support

  • Flat screen and surfaces​ only

Multi-camera and lens support

  • Choice of short, mid and long-throw camera and lens options for maximum flexibility


  • Mystique integrates directly with Christie Twist-enabled 3DLP® and Inspire Series and HS Series 1DLP projectors, or Pandoras Box 6.0 and higher regardless of the projector1 used.
  • Computer with Mystique​ – Essentials Edition software
  • Connected to CCD camera
  • Network connection between computer and each video projector
  • USB port for Mystique – Essentials Edition license key

1 Blend quality depends on projector quality and cannot be guaranteed for non-Christie projectors

Due to constant research, specifications and features are subject to change without notice.