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Cinema technology

Cinema projectors, speakers, lamps, and the core electronics that power them, are the core elements to design a memorable movie-going experience. Christie® has a heritage of being the driving force behind such innovation to meet and exceed studio and director expectations, making these stories come to life in ways never thought possible.

Real|Laser cinema projectors

One of the most recent modern advances in cinema projection brings RGB pure laser illumination to mainstream cinemas. Christie’s Real|Laser technology lights the screen with never before seen color gamut and contrast ratio.

Real|Laser projectors are capable of greater than 95% Rec. 2020 color space while delivering up to 6000:1 contrast ratio. All Christie cinema projectors are DCI compliant, but our pure laser projectors enhance their performance beyond regulatory standards and into the modern era.

When you are ready to make the switch to Real|Laser, call your Christie representative for the latest in cinema projection technology.

Vive Audio loudspeakers

Christie Vive Audio® delivers exquisite, accurate sound reproduction to the entire auditorium. Whether you sit in the center, front or back, the audio experience of the film is the same.

Utilizing ribbon driver technology paired with a single cabinet line array, the screen channel, ceiling surround, and subwoofer loudspeakers, manage to precisely play today’s high resolution cinema audio formats.

Xenolite cinema projector lamps

Christie Xenolite® lamps deliver the best TCO in the industry. With longer lamp life, higher brightness over the course of the life, and an ease-of-use replacement feature, Xenolite lamps help retain Xenon projectors’ reputation as the industry workhorse.

Xenon currently holds 90% of the projector install base, which reflects its tried and true reliability factor. If you want to stay true to your Xenon projector while maintaining the longest lasting brightness, use Christie’s genuine cinema Xenolite lamp.


Christie CineLife is a Series 3 cinema electronics platform manufactured, designed, and integrated into Christie’s range of DCI-compliant projectors. Featuring a streamlined UX-designed interface, CineLife simplifies the playback, scheduling and management of cinema content.

Christie CineLife electronics stay true to their name by ensuring long lasting projector life. Ease-of-use was one of the main focuses in the creation of CineLife electronics, meaning the user interface was guided by the user experience. Our goal was to make setup, scheduling, maintenance and everyday use of these projectors as straightforward as possible.


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