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The top three control room tech and design trends for 2024

February 15, 2024

We spoke with our director of product management to learn what the future holds for control rooms

In this piece:

Whether it’s an emergency mobile command center or a small control room for a utility company, effective control room solutions translate into informed and quick decision-making.

From video wall technology that enables your operations team to see the whole picture at a glance and ergonomic operator consoles, to high-quality video and information feeds so operators can analyze and act on issues decisively, control rooms require thoughtful design and technology that is flexible, reliable, and ready to go 24/7. 

Ahead of DISTRIBUTECH International® 2024, we spoke with Bill Zhu, Christie’s director of product management, about advancements in control room design and the technology trends he sees in the market for 2024. Let’s look at the top three trends.

1. Simplifying the operator’s workstation

“We’re seeing a movement away from workstations with seven, eight, or even nine monitors to one or two larger monitors and a single keyboard and mouse,” says Bill.

Why? Advances in video wall processor technology. Processors can now manage and arrange up to 18 inputs in Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) mode. And with the advancement in baseband technology, there’s no latency. It’s as simple as using a keyboard and mouse.

“Instead of massive workstations, the desks can become smaller, and operators can manage the same number of feeds into fewer monitors.” The result? Better situational awareness for operators and much better ergonomics.

2. Moving computers to a server room

Each operator’s desk requires a substantial amount of computational power, with four or five computer towers under each workstation. The towers take up a lot of space, give off a substantial amount of heat, and produce a noticeable amount of noise. The solution? “Move computers into a server room and implement a KVM solution,” says Bill.

And with the towers moved out from under workstations, the operator console can be narrower, saving space.

3. Advancements in security

From source to display, security is a paramount concern in most control room environments, particularly at all levels of government. And in the U.S., it's essential to use TAA-compliant products. With LCD panels that don't emit radio frequency to processors based on field-programmable gate array (FPGA), we provide options to ensure your control room is secure.