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Christie laser projectors illuminate Wuxi's Nianhua Bay

September 16, 2020

Photos courtesy of Wincomn Technology

A total of 16 Christie Crimson Series 3DLP® projectors are used for this large-scale outdoor light show.

WUXI, China –  Christie® 3DLP® laser projectors are lighting up the picturesque Smile Square at Nianhua Bay with spectacular projections on various structures and surfaces, delighting visitors and raising its profile as an attractive tourist destination.

Located in Wuxi, a major city in Jiangsu province, Nianhua Bay has gained popularity as a modern Buddhist resort known for its tranquil monastic lifestyle. Most of the buildings in the vicinity are built in styles prevalent during the Tang and Song dynasties (618-907 AD). Among the key attractions is Smile Square – an open space designated for nighttime performances featuring an 18-meter-high moveable steel sculpture designed by renowned Georgian sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze.

This is the first large-scale dynamic sculpture by Kvesitadze to be showcased in China, and it serves as the centerpiece of a mesmerizing light show with stage design accomplished by the lighting design team behind the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games’ opening and closing ceremonies. The show itself is an enormous endeavor that combines various elements such as projection technology, artistic lighting, water effects and live performances. In particular, the digital projections are delivered by Christie’s longstanding Chinese partner, Wincomn Technology, using 16 Christie Crimson Series 3DLP laser projectors.

“The end user requested bright and colorful projections on various surfaces during the light show, including the iconic 18-meter-high mobile steel sculpture, which is rarely executed in China,” said Tony Chen, general manager, Wincomn Technology. “After a detailed site survey and evaluation, we’re of the view that the Crimson Series projectors, which are built tough and feature an IP5X-sealed, solid-state laser light source capable of providing reliable and virtually maintenance-free operation, are best suited for this extensive outdoor light show.”

The show combines various elements such as projections, artistic lighting, and live performances

A fleet of 300 drones soar over the square to support this spellbinding 360° visual feast

Wincomn’s engineers took into consideration various factors during the installation process, such as the visual quality from visitors’ perspective, coordination of projected visuals with live performers, as well as the impact of environmental effects such as water and mist on the projected content. Besides projecting on the surface of Kvesitadze’s giant sculpture, the Crimson Series projectors are used to display lifelike images on 10 gauze screens and an underwater platform.

“We adopted a non-obtrusive technique of installing the projectors to display images on these special screens, so as to ensure the perfect presentation of the projections, whilst delivering optimal visuals to visitors,” Chen added.

Supported by a fleet of 300 “dancing” drones that soared above Smile Square, the majestic extravaganza beautifully integrated lush landscapes with live stage performances, state-of-the-art projections, artistic lighting, holographic images, fireworks and environmental effects, culminating in an unprecedented and spellbinding 360° visual feast that has earned Nianhua Bay the status of “an unmissable night tourism venue in Wuxi”.

April Qin, director of sales, Enterprise, Christie China, commented, “We are delighted that Wincomn has deployed our Crimson Series laser projectors for this extraordinary light show at Nianhua Bay. With its long-lasting laser illumination, high-performance, color accuracy and reliability, the Crimson Series has become the trusted choice of cultural and night tourism venues across China that delights audiences with fascinating visuals.”

Featuring proprietary Christie BoldColor​ Technology, the Christie Crimson Series high-brightness laser ​projectors produce big, bright and intensely colorful images. As well, with the ultra-fast processing of Christie TruLife electronics, as well as built-in warp and blend capabilities of Christie Twist, these rugged and dependable projectors offer installation flexibility and amazing visual experiences.

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