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Christie projectors bring coast to life

Christie projectors bring coastal landscapes to life

December 09, 2020

Photos courtesy of Wincomn Technology

CHANGDAO, China – Christie® laser projectors have transformed the coastal landscape along the picturesque Changdao Scenic Area in Shandong province into an enchanted wonderland with stunning projections for a large-scale nighttime extravaganza.

Titled “Dreams of Fairy Mountain”, the extensive multimedia spectacle was created by Quansheng Li, Lighting & Artistic Director of North China Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute, to boost the night tourism sector in Changdao, an island known for its fabulous beaches, steep cliffs and jagged reefs carved by nature.

The nighttime spectacular comprises 15 unique exhibits interspersed along the coastline, combining engaging storytelling, gorgeous natural landscapes, and innovative use of 3D projection, mist, water and other atmospheric effects to offer an exciting and spellbinding visual feast to visitors. Projection is accomplished by Christie’s trusted partner Wincomn Technology using 15 Christie D20WU-HS 1DLP® laser projectors, two Christie DWU1075-GS 1DLP® laser projectors, and 17 Christie DWU630-GS 1DLP® laser projectors.

“Changdao is a very popular tourist destination in Shandong and we are pleased to be involved in the projection component of this highly anticipated nighttime show,” said Tony Chen, general manager, Wincomn Technology. “We have chosen Christie’s HS and GS Series laser projectors for this project as they have been proven to deliver outstanding visuals even in harsh environmental conditions.”

The main performance area takes place on a cliff, where vivid images of deities, sacred beasts, bright moons and whales are projected on the precipice to tell the mystical tale of ‘Fairy Mountain’. The visuals are accompanied by rousing music, special lighting and fog effects to deliver a captivating multisensory experience under the night sky.

Another highlight of “Dreams of Fairy Mountain” is a 100-meter-long forest-themed interactive corridor, where images of a sea of flowers, sandy beaches, ocean waves, and swimming fishes are projected on the floor by Christie DWU630-GS projectors discreetly installed overhead. Using an image tracking system, visitors can interact with the swimming fishes, adding to the fun and excitement.

Guests strolling along the coastline can also enjoy several amazing projections on rocks and reefs that resemble animals such as a majestic looking lion and a playful seal. At another spot, images displayed on large boulders provide the illusion that they are beautifully dyed in multiple colors. Thanks to Christie’s proprietary BoldColor Technology, the projected images are accurately reproduced with stunning brilliance and full brightness.

Chen noted that the deployment of projectors for this multimedia extravaganza required meticulous planning and execution. “We had to ensure that the projections are perfectly presented on hills, cliffs, and reefs with the optimal brightness and details. At the same time, the installation must not cause any damage to these natural landscapes.”

The Christie HS and GS Series projectors are housed in weatherproof enclosures to further enhance their stability and reliability, since they are installed in harsh environments that are exposed to high humidity and seawater. “The projectors’ compact footprint and omnidirectional capabilities provided us with installation flexibility, while their low noise output made them ideal for placement at close proximity to guests without impacting the viewing experience,” Chen added.

April Qin, director of sales, Enterprise, Christie China, commented, “We are delighted that Christie laser projection solutions have brought the natural landscapes of Changdao to life with spectacular visuals that entertain thousands of visitors daily. Built tough and always ready to deliver big, bright and intensely colorful images, the Christie HS and GS Series projectors are powerful, reliable and cost-effective options for demanding, high-use applications.”

Christie’s line-up of laser projectors come in a range of resolutions, and offer exceptional image quality, brightness, versatility, and ease-of-use. They are the trusted choice for a number of corporate, cultural, entertainment, and tourism projects across China, such as Yinji Animal Kingdom in Zhengzhou, Guangwu Mountain Dreamscape outdoor show in Bazhong, Nianhua Bay light show in Wuxi, and Nanxun Old Town in Huzhou.

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