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4K cinema projection - most efficient on the market

Mesmerize your audiences with premium 4K, high-resolution cinematic content.

Christie® sets the standard for cinema projection with our premium 4K solutions. Our 4K cinema projectors offer 20,000 to 60,000 lumens, making them the perfect fit for any theatre. And with our ultra-fast Series 4 electronics and the most advanced DLP® technology, our native 4K cinema projectors produce the most brilliant, high-resolution visuals — perfect for accurately reproducing today’s 4K content.  

Key benefits

  • Premium 4K visuals – set your cinema apart from the competition with high-resolution cinematic content
  • Giant screens – easily project on screens up to 114 ft. (35m) wide while maintaining image quality
  • Future-proofed – to keep up with the increasing number of 4K releases and advanced format cinema thanks to CineLife+series electronics

Christie native 4K cinema solutions

With the widest range of cinema projection, our CineLife+ series lineup includes 7 models with native 4K resolution: the CP4455-RGB, CP4445-RGB, CP4435-RGB, CP4425-RGB, CP4420-RGB, CP4415-RGB, and CP4420-Xe. Our new CineLife+ electronics bring 4K illumination to the future of cinema with advanced features designed to increase the cinema experience while decreasing exhibitors’ costs.  

With Christie 4K cinema projectors you have the choice of RGB pure laser illumination or tried and true Xenon lamps. Both use our native Series 4 electronics to become the only 4K cinema projection that can reach 120fps.  

With Christie Real|Laser illumination technology, you get the best image quality, energy efficiency, and cost ownership in its class.

Full Cinema support – Christie Professional Services is ready to help you at every step! With our comprehensive cinema services, we can design, deploy, and support your 4K cinema solution.  We also back all our products with industry-leading warranties and technical support.  And that’s not all!   

With Cinergy, our cloud-based theatre management platform, we can remotely monitor and manage your theatre equipment or provide you with the opportunity to do so yourself.  Cinergy allows you to automate key delivery, monitor system health, drive informed decisioned making, and resolve potential showstoppers before they happen. With our software running behind the scenes, you’re free to focus on what matters most – delivering the best audience experience. Check out our Cinergy brochure.

Consult with a service expert or contact your sales representative now to learn how you can outfit your theatre with cinema’s most advanced 4K projection.

4K cinema projectors

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