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4K projection

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4K projectors: Creating spectacular visual experiences

When you want to bring your content to life with the sharpest and brightest images possible, Christie® 4K projectors give you the edge you need. So, what sets us apart?

Big brightness,
small size

You won’t find a size-to-brightness ratio quite like our 4K projectors.

High resolution,
high frame rates

We’re setting the standard for both in 4K projection.

More accurate
color reproduction

See colors how they’re meant to be seen with 4K RGB pure laser projection.

Everything looks better with 4K

It doesn’t matter what the native resolution of your content is, everything you present on our 4K projectors appears sharper and clearer, so your audience gets a superior viewing experience every time.

That’s why we offer a full lineup of 4K ProAV and 4K cinema projectors.

Why Christie 4K RGB projectors for ProAV?

Color performance

More than twice as many real-world colors with RGB pure laser 3DLP® projectors.

Smart software tools

Twist, Conductor, Mystique

Incredibly realistic images

3DLP® 4K at 120Hz performance with Mirage option

Discover the right 4K projector for you

With our full lineup of ProAV 4K projection, you’ve got a lot to choose from. Let’s break it down so you can easily find the projector that’s right for you.

Signal Festival 2023
Photo credit: Tomas Slavik
Artist: Flightgraf

Newest 4K RGB projectors of 2024

The M 4K15 RGB and M 4K+15 RGB join our road-ready M 4K RGB Series to give live event professionals the very best in 4K UHD and 4K UHD+ pure laser projection.

Images projected onto Church at Signal Festival 2023. Photo credit: Tomas Slavik. Artist: Flightgraf
4K860-iS 4K UHD projector

Our most budget-friendly 4K projector

Looking for a big impact on a tight budget? With its fixed lens, the 4K860-iS is a highly cost-effective 4K UHD projector. And at 8,500 lumens, its brightness-to-size ratio is second to none!

Our brightest native 4K projector

Big venues need big brightness. That’s why we designed the highly advanced Griffyn® Series for large-venue applications where brightness, color and native 4K resolution matter. Choose the lumens you need: 50,000 or 36,500.

Two people sitting in front of images of candy projected onto a wall with a 4k projector
4K22-HS 1DLP® 4K UHD projector

Our brightest 4K UHD projectors

Get award-winning brightness for both 3DLP and 1DLP with our 4K UHD projectors. The M 4K25 RGB 3DLP® pure laser projector goes beyond what everyone believed was possible with 25,300 lumens in an incredibly small form factor. And the 4K22-HS is the first 1DLP® 4K UHD projector available at 22,500 lumens​.

A man standing with his arms spread touching a wall

Get close. Even closer. With our 4K short throw projectors

Have space issues? Need a 4K projector that can handle a short throw distance? You’ve got it! We offer short throw and ultra-short throw lenses for almost all of our 4K laser projectors.

Brilliant illumination and smart 4K technology

With smart features like Christie Twist, intelligent lens systems, advanced TruLife+ electronics, electronic color convergence, and our proprietary LiteLOC technology to maintain brightness over time, our Griffyn Series and M 4K RGB Series are 3DLP projection powerhouses.

Want to level up? Upgrade to 120Hz with our Mirage option to get ultra-realistic experiences. upgrade to Twist Premium or Twist Pro for complex warping and blending applications or add Christie Conductor at no cost to monitor and control up to 256 projectors on the same network.

An artistic image of a brain made up of circuit boards

Ready to take a closer look?

Discover our full range of 4K projectors and find the one that fits your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using a Christie 4K projector?

The benefits of using a Christie 4K projector include the resolution, or quality, of the image due to smaller pixels and a higher pixel density when compared to an HD resolution projector or screen of the same size. Christie 4K projectors are also equipped with a variety of features such as advanced color management, lens memory, and geometric warping for flexible installation and easy integration.

What technology does a Christie 4K projector use?

Christie 4K projectors use DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, which offers better color control and light efficiency than any other projection technology.

Can Christie 4K projectors handle high frame rate video?

Yes, Christie ProAV 4K projectors are capable of high frame rate (HFR) content playback. Our ProAV projectors are capable of displaying 60 Hz standard. Our 3DLP models offer Mirage, our proprietary optional software upgrade license that allows the projectors to display 4K at 96–120 Hz.

For cinemas, Christie pioneered the development of HFR for the latest advanced formats such as Cinity. The CineLife+ electronics platform on all Series 4 projectors can display 4K content up to 120 Hz. We are the only manufacturer capable of showing 4K, 3D, and 120 fps per eye on a giant cinema screen.

Native 4K vs 4K UHD in projection: What's the difference?

The most obvious difference is in the resolution, which is the number of individual pixels that make up the image on the screen.

A 3DLP native, or true 4K projector achieves the full 4K resolution pixel count of 4096 pixels wide by 2160 pixels high.

By comparison, 4K UHD images are 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels high. A 1DLP or 3DLP 4K UHD projector uses pixel-shifting technology to rapidly shift pixels in the projected image by a fraction of a pixel to simulate 4K UHD resolution which is higher than the projector’s native resolution.

4K UHD images are visually appealing and detailed, meeting the needs of many applications. However, 4K UHD images have a slightly softer appearance than a native 4K image, which provides a higher level of detail and sharpness and a higher pixel density to provide a more lifelike, immersive visual experience.

What is pixel-shifting?

Pixel-shifting technology is typically used in 4K UHD projectors to enhance image quality and resolution by simulating a higher resolution (4K UHD) than the projector's actual native resolution.

It works by rapidly shifting pixels in the projected image by a fraction of a pixel, creating "in between" pixel locations in the same positions as the pixels would have been in the target higher resolution image. This process is done at high speed and is imperceptible to the naked eye.

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