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4K: Creating spectacular visual experiences

4K projectors: Creating spectacular visual experiences

You have the content – now you need to bring it to life with the sharpest and brightest images possible. With Christie® 4K projection, you get the edge you need with the highest resolution and four times the pixels of 2K projection.

Whether you’re reviewing data sets, entertaining thousands of people daily at theme parks, or screening films, your content is sharper with our 4K solutions. Using Christie’s cutting-edge technology, our projectors are the industry standard, with the highest frame rates and the most accurate color reproduction. With Christie, your audience gets a superior viewing experience every time. Regardless of the native resolution of your content, everything you present on our 4K projectors appears in more detail. Discover our 4K projectors.

What sets Christie 4K projectors apart

Our 4K laser projectors make the best look even better. What can you expect from Christie?

Which resolution? Choosing 4K UHD or native 4K projection

In ProAV, both 4K UHD and native 4K projectors give you stunning content, but they aren’t exactly the same. When choosing which Christie 4K projector is right for your application, there are differences you need to consider.

Native 4K projection

  • 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution at 60Hz 
  • 4K at 60Hz is the standard
  • 8.8 million addressable pixels for spectacular visuals
  • Option of 4K at 120Hz or 4K 3D content at 60Hz per eye.

4K UHD projection

  • 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution up to 60Hz
  • Proprietary pixel-shifting technology delivers 8.3 million addressable pixels for amazing visuals
  • Higher frame rates at 4K UHD resolution up to 120 Hz


Mesmerize audiences with 4K high-resolution cinema content

Whether it’s an advanced format cinema or a premium boutique auditorium, Christie’s 4K cinema projectors offer detail, brightness, and colors that truly immerse moviegoers in visuals they won’t find anywhere else.

Not only do we have the option of 120 fps playback capabilities in our RBG pure laser projectors, but we also have the only Xenon 4K projector that delivers 120 fps.


4K ProAV projectors

4K cinema projectors

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