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ITE Headquarters upgrades auditorium

ITE Headquarters upgrades flagship auditorium with Griffyn 4K50-RGB projectors

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Christie Griffyn 4K50-RGB

ITE Headquarters embraces RGB pure laser technology

ITE Headquarters, the hub of Singapore’s post-secondary educational institution, is dedicated to providing quality education and training to its students. It has invested in state-of-the-art technology for its lecture theatres, classrooms, and other teaching facilities, allowing the institute to deliver engaging and informative lessons, as well as host large-scale events that showcase the talents and achievements of its students.

ITE Headquarters has recently enhanced the projection systems in its flagship venue, the Tay Eng Soon Convention Centre Auditorium, by installing four Christie Griffyn 4K50-RGB pure laser projectors to replace its fleet of aging Christie Roadster HD20K-J projectors that had been in service for over a decade. The 1,460-seat auditorium is known for staging various large-scale events, including the annual National Day Rally where Singapore’s prime minister delivers his policy address live to the nation.

Griffyn 4K50-RGB projectors illuminate ITE Headquarters’ flagship auditorium


“We were looking for a projection system with high brightness, excellent color reproduction and most importantly, proven reliability. Our firsthand experience with the Christie Roadster Series projectors had been very positive – they were able to withstand the test of time and maintain high performance and reliability,” said Joshua Chong, officer, Centre for Music and The Arts at ITE Headquarters. 

An unmissable opportunity

When the Christie Griffyn 4K50-RGB pure laser projector became available, Chong knew that it was an opportunity he could not pass up. According to him, the quality of projections offered by the Christie Griffyn Series is “miles ahead” when compared to conventional lamp-based systems in terms of brightness, color reproduction, and performance, thus enhancing the overall visual presentation.

“The bright and vivid images offered by the Griffyn 4K50-RGB have added a cinematic touch to all multimedia content, enriching the overall viewing experience for the users of the venue. Moreover, the proven reliability of the Griffyn Series provides peace of mind to all event stakeholders, allowing them to focus on more crucial matters at hand,” he said.

The Griffyn 4K50-RGB projector delivers a brightness of 50,000 lumens, native 4K resolution and an exceptionally wide color gamut that achieves 98% of the Rec. 2020 color space in a compact, all-in-one design. Installed and commissioned by Christie’s longstanding partner, Electro-Acoustics Systems (EAS), the four Griffyn 4K50-RGBs are deployed for different purposes in the flagship venue – one projector is used for the main screen, while the other three are edged-blended to display lifelike visuals on a panoramic screen.

Making the leap from lamp to laser

Chong enthused that the time is now right to make the leap from lamp to laser as Christie’s RGB pure laser technology and architecture has improved significantly over the years. Newer models no longer require heavy external chillers, remote laser racks, or special pedestals as everything is completely integrated into a compact, all-in-one chassis with a sealed optical path for steadfast illumination performance.

“This is the first time that projectors featuring RGB pure laser technology are permanently installed in ITE Headquarters, and we are impressed by the brilliance and color accuracy offered by RGB pure laser illumination in such a neat and compact package. Furthermore, its solid-state illumination means a lifetime of maintenance-free operation. This translates into a lower cost of ownership for us in the long term.”

Lam Tze Tze, executive director of EAS, noted that the installation process of the Griffyn 4K50-RGB projectors had been smooth-sailing without major challenges. “We have been working with Christie for many years and our technical team has accumulated a wealth of experience in projects involving Christie’s 1DLP and 3DLP projectors. This particular installation is no exception, and we are pleased that ITE Headquarters has chosen the Griffyn 4K50-RGB projectors for the Tay Eng Soon Convention Centre Auditorium.”

Lam added that the Griffyn Series’ rich features such as omnidirectional capabilities enable it to operate in any orientation for unlimited installation flexibility and the projected visuals are outstanding. “Given the strong track record of the Griffyn Series in terms of performance and reliability, it will serve this venue well into the future.”


A more attractive venue for major events

Jason Yeo, senior sales manager for Southeast Asia & Taiwan, Enterprise, Christie, is delighted that ITE Headquarters has recognized the benefits of RGB pure laser projection technology and made the decision to acquire the Griffyn 4K50-RGB projectors for the Tay Eng Soon Convention Centre Auditorium.

He said, “The Griffyn Series offers unparalleled image quality, brightness, and color reproduction, providing a stunning visual experience for students and guests alike. With this significant upgrade to its projection systems, the auditorium has become a more attractive venue for major events such as concerts and conferences. We would also like to thank ITE Headquarters and EAS for their continued support and trust.”

Chong noted that although the institution did not conduct any internal publicity about the upgrading of projectors in the auditorium, a number of stakeholders including teaching staff, students, and even external guests had noticed a significant improvement in the quality of the projections.

“We recently held our 2023 graduation ceremony in the auditorium, and I’m heartened to receive a number of positive feedback from venue users pertaining to the amazing quality of images displayed on the screens,” he said. “This shows that the projections have made an impact on them and a clear indication that our investment in the Griffyn 4K50-RGBs has been the right decision.”

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