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Continuing the renowned legacy of the Roadie family of ruggedized projectors, the Christie® Roadie 4K40-RGB is purpose-built for demanding applications and life on the road. Featuring a strengthened internal frame and integrated handles that double as rigging points and single phase 220V power, this Roadie is ready to put on the biggest visual experiences imaginable for any application.

What sets the Roadie 4K40-RGB apart from the competition? Thanks to our engineering expertise, we produced a completely all-in-one design featuring our proprietary RGB pure laser illumination with integrated cooling to create the smallest and lightest 45,000 lumen RGB pure laser projector on the market. There are no heavy external chillers or remote laser racks: everything is completely integrated into a single chassis.

We specifically designed the value-packed Roadie 4K40-RGB for rigorous applications including live events, location-based entertainment, or any large venue or large surface requirement. Bring buildings and monuments to life with projection-mapped content and inspire audiences with impactful visual experiences on almost any surface imaginable. Anything’s possible with the warping and blending capabilities we built into this powerhouse projection solution.

Key features

  • Ruggedized, all-in-one, condensed design – A strengthened internal frame and manageable weight of 298lbs makes it the toughest, smallest and lightest high-brightness RGB laser projector available
  • Integrated handles – Double as rigging points for easy lifting and installation almost anywhere
  • One chassis – no external chillers or remote laser racks
  • Omnidirectional – Providing unlimited installation flexibility
  • Reliable, stable light source – Over 20,000 hours of optimal brightness performance
  • Christie Twist – Built-in warping and blending for projection mapping and unconventional screen shapes
  • High-contrast – Achieves 5,000:1 On/Off contrast for amazing depth of detail
  • Expanded color gamut – Produces >95% of the Rec. 2020 color space for rich, vibrant and true-to-life visuals
  • 220V single phase power – More energy efficient than any other 40,000 lumen RGB laser projector for reduced cost of operation
  • Christie TruLife electronics – Powerful processing that delivers ultra-high resolution, high frame rate video up to 120fps and unprecedented image fidelity at 4K resolution and 240Hz at 2K resolution
  • Christie Terra input card – Seamlessly integrates into SDVoE networks
  • 4K lens compatibility – Compatible with most Christie 4K lenses
  • Mirage upgrade path – The Roadie 4K40-RGB can be upgraded to unlock the performance features of the Mirage 4K40-RGB
  • Optional stacking kit for projection mapping or projector redundancy
  • Field replaceable RGB laser light source – Provides easy service and replacement of the laser light source


ISO lumens


Center lumens


ANSI lumens


Contrast ratio

5000:1 On/Off*

Display type

3DLP® 1.38" sealed to the prism


4K (4096 x 2160)

*Using high-contrast lens which reduces brightness by 30%.

**To 50% brightness.



Christie Roadie 4K40-RGB pure laser projector | 163-012104-XX
Christie Roadie 4K40-RGB pure laser projector | 163-012104-XX
Christie Roadie 4K40-RGB pure laser projector | 163-012104-XX
Christie Roadie 4K40-RGB pure laser projector | 163-012104-XX