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Kiwi Center relies on the power of CINITY

April 09, 2024

WINTERTHUR, Switzerland – Christie® is pleased to share that Switzerland’s Kiwi Center has recently installed a Christie CP4435-RGB laser projector as part of a CINITY Cinema System in its PLF auditorium. The system was installed by ECCO Cine Supply & Service.

For almost 100 years, the Kiwi Center in the heart of Winterthur's old town has been an integral part of the city's cultural life. Whether going to the cinema with family, friends, or as a couple, the cinema is aimed at all age groups. "The Kiwi Center is deeply rooted in Winterthur: we know our audience, and our audience knows and appreciates what we have to offer," explained Cinema Manager Leonardo Tavano. 

However, a history steeped in tradition does not mean lingering in the past; on the contrary, the exhibitors are always looking to join forces with modernity. Over the years, the building, which originally consisted of two cinemas, has been repeatedly expanded and gradually modernized. Today, the Kiwi Center has ten auditoriums equipped with the latest projection and sound technology.

Screen 1 and 2 recently underwent a general overhaul. Christie partner ECCO Cine Supply & Service supplied and installed a Christie CP4435-RGB laser projector for the CINITYCinema System in screen 1. The largest screen in the building, with 220 seats, also features Dolby Atmos and D-Box motion seats.

CINITY is an advanced, premium format designed for the PLF sector, and combines a 4K resolution, 3D, high brightness, HFR, HDR, wide color gamut display capabilities, and immersive sound. It improves the overall quality with clearer images, brighter colors, and smoother motion, resulting in an unforgettable cinematic experience.

"Technology is developing rapidly and a lot has happened in the premium large format sector in particular, and we can see that the CINITY Cinema System is very much on the rise. One of the reasons we opted for the system is that it gives us more freedom in scheduling our program," Leonardo said.

However, before the audience could enjoy films in PLF format, detailed advance planning was required, which took more than twelve months. Due to the structure of the building, which had previously been an old theatre hall with a balcony, things such as load-bearing walls, a new seating concept and much more had to be considered.

In addition, the projection booth was no longer available in the auditorium, so a suitable solution had to be found to integrate the projector. The Kiwi Center also features a sophisticated lighting concept throughout, which draws visitors into another world when they enter: "We had a lot of discussions on the subject of light/lighting alone in order to plan every detail precisely,” recalls Thomas Rüttgers, Managing Director of ECCO Cine Supply & Service. " However, we were very pleased to be able to accompany the Kiwi Center on its gradual path towards modernity and believe that together we have achieved a successful result."

The Christie CP4435-RGB features CineLife+™ electronics and Real|Laser™ illumination technology and is capable of playing back content up to 4K at 120 frames per second. Together with the projection screen installed by ECCO Cine Supply & Service with a gain factor of 2.9, 20 ftL is achieved for 3D films and up to 36 ftL for 2D films.

“We believe that with CINITY and RGB laser projection, we have made the right decision," Leonardo summarises. “When you watch a film in CINITY, the difference is crystal clear, even to non-experts. Even if someone doesn’t know much about the technology, they can see the increased brightness and the vivid colors. It is important to us that moviegoers go home with a good feeling because they enjoyed a combination of a good movie, comfort, and service from us. I think we have achieved this with the current modernization." 

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