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With the Christie J Series you can customize your model according to your needs. Each projector ships standard with the ILS lens mount, but if you prefer to use your existing inventory of CT lenses or require a yellow notch filter (YNF), you can choose, at the time of purchase, the following options:

Note: CT refers to the suite of lenses available for use with Christie’s legacy Xenon platform. Note: ILS capabilities are not available with CT lenses and lens mount.

 Model name CT lens mount CT lens mount + YNF
 Christie DS+8K-J  132-004206-XX  132-004408-XX
 Christie DS+10K-J  132-007209-XX  132-007401-XX
 Christie HD7K-J  132-005207-XX  132-005409-XX
 Christie HD9K-J  132-008200-XX  132-008402-XX
 Roadster S+14K-J  132-010214-XX  132-010416-XX
 Roadster S+18K-J  132-013217-XX  132-013419-XX
 Roadster S+22K-J  132-016210-XX  132-016412-XX
 Roadster HD14K-J  132-011215-XX  132-011417-XX
 Roadster HD16K-J  132-014218-XX  132-014410-XX
 Roadster HD20K-J  132-017211-XX  132-017413-XX
 Roadster WU20K-J  132-018212-XX  132-018414-XX
 Mirage DS+8K-J  132-004228-XX  132-004420-XX
 Mirage HD7K-J  132-005229-XX  132-005421-XX
 Mirage WU7K-J  132-006220-XX  132-006422-XX
 Mirage S+14K-J  132-010225-XX  132-010427-XX
 Mirage S+18K-J  132-013228-XX  132-013420-XX
 Mirage S+22K-J  132-016221-XX  132-016423-XX
 Mirage HD14K-J  132-011226-XX  132-011428-XX
 Mirage HD16K-J  132-014229-XX  132-014421-XX
 Mirage HD20K-J  132-017222-XX  132-017424-XX
 Mirage WU14K-J  132-012227-XX  132-012429-XX
 Mirage WU20K-J  132-018223-XX  132-018425-XX