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Christie FHD553-XE | 55" extreme-narrow bezel LCD panel
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The Christie® Extreme Series are high-performance LCD panels with an extremely narrow 1.7mm combined bezel width and are used to create impressive, near-seamless video walls. Featuring advanced panel matching, the brightness and color of each panel comes calibrated, eliminating much of the image adjustments typically required when installing video walls. The Smart Light Control feature can automatically adjust​ the brightness of each panel for uniformity across the entire video wall and consistent performance throughout its lifetime.


Native resolution

1920 x 1080 (16:9)


Direct-lit LED

LED lifespan (50% brightness)

50,000 hrs

Pixel pitch (WxH)

0.63 x 0.63mm

Nominal bezel size

1.7mm combined bezel to bezel

Brightness (typical)

500 nits (cd/sq m)

* OPS's consumption is only considered at maximum power consumption.

** Avoid static images for extended periods. Refer to the product documentation for additional runtime guidelines.

Content and operating conditions can affect the useful life of the product. Please refer to the product documentation ​and Christie Operating Guidelines for Flat Panels.





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