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The Christie® CP2308 is a full-featured, Series 3, DCI-compliant projector that offers small-screen exhibitors an advanced, yet affordable digital cinema option. Utilizing Xenon illumination and producing up to 9000 lumens, the CP2308 displays realistic colors and gradients for an immersive experience audiences notice.

Fully-compatible with third-party IMBs, the CP2308 gives customers flexibility and choice. With a built-in expansion card slot, this projector supports various performance, control and connection add-ons for a flexible, future-proofed solution. The CP2308 is the perfect choice for those looking for a value-packed, compact projector that offers a very low cost of ownership.

3D capabilities

The Christie CP2308 supports all external 3D systems. If you require higher brightness for 3D, two projectors can be stacked for a stunning 3D presentation.

Available with High Frame Rate technology

With HFR technology, your investment is ready for the next evolution of digital cinema. Display premium 2D/3D HFR feature film and alternative content in its original format, giving your audiences the best visual experience possible.

Simple booth management

The CP2308 is equipped with Christie Series 3 electronics, which features a streamlined UX-inspired interface to simplify the playback, scheduling and management of cinema content. The built-in screen management system enables seamless content and booth management, KDMs, playlist scheduling, monitoring and more. Projector setup is quick and easy with the auto-configure feature that automatically adjusts the projector’s settings for optimal playback when connecting different sources. Engineered with the operator in mind, the CP2308 is the most user-friendly cinema projector available.

Key features:

  • DCI-compliant
  • Built-in automation
  • Choose from 4 Xenon lamp options
  • 3D ready
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Third-party IMB support
  • Motorized lens mount
  • Decrypts content for DCI playback
  • Touch panel controller with intuitive UX designed interface
  • HFR capable
  • HDMI 1.4
  • Quick, easy rear access to the lamp
  • Washable/reusable filters
  • Expansion card support
  • Backed by a dedicated technical support team



Up to 9,000 DCI lumens | 10,000 native lumens

Cinema screen size

Up to 35ft (10.67m) @ 1.0 screen gain

Contrast ratio

>1700:1 (full field)

Color gamut / number of colors

35.2 trillion

Digital micromirror device

0.69" S2K 3-chip DMD DLP Cinema®

DMD DLP Cinema®

2048 x 1080 (2K)​


2K (2048 x 1080)

Lens mount

  • Fully motorized intelligent lens system (ILS)


  • 1.2-1.72 (108-494108-XX)
  • 1.33-2.1 (108-495109-XX)
  • 1.62-2.7 (108-496100-XX)
  • 2.09-3.9 (108-497101-XX)

Input line voltage

  • Single phase 220V

Lamp power supply

  • 700W-2.3kW low-ripple switch mode lamp power supply


  • GPIO/Health Connector with 4 opto-isolated GPI (inputs)
  • 4 relay driven GPO (outputs)
  • “Projector Health” status – relay driven output
  • “Serial-over-Ethernet” based automation

Physical size (LxWxH)

  • 27.4 x 27.1 x 15.6"
  • 696 x 688 x 395mm


  • As installed: 119lbs (53.75kg)


  • NAS-S2 4TB storage* (138-101103-XX)
  • 90-degree extraction duct adapter (119-103105-XX)
  • Rack mount stand (108-416102-XX)
  • *DCI-compliant NAS storage systems available through your Christie sales representative.




Software downloads


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