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The Christie® Griffyn™ 4K32-RGB pure laser projector

A technological marvel combining Christie’s superior electronics, our proprietary RGB laser illumination architecture​ with integrated cooling and a sealed optical path for reliable illumination performance creating capabilities that will impress you.​

Ready to illuminate any surface with 34,000 lumens while operating at less than 46dBA at full brightness, we designed​ and built this highly advanced projector for demanding large venue applications on the ground or ‘in the air’.​

Griffyn 4K32-RGB product introduction video

Introducing the Christie Griffyn™ 4K32-RGB pure laser projector


Design excellence

Talk about engineering expertise: this compact and powerful all-in-one, omnidirectional projector is our first to offer our new​ TruLife+ electronics platform for all-in-one connectivity, eliminating the hassle of removable option cards. It also​ includes our new digital convergence that you can adjust via remote control for easy picture-perfect alignment. The Griffyn​ 4K32-RGB raises the bar in RGB pure laser projection performance.​

Spectacular visuals

Griffyn 4K32-RGB produces an exceptionally wide color gamut, achieving >96% of the Rec. 2020 color space—more than twice​ the color of Rec. 709 and 50% more than DCI-P3-capable projectors—for an enhanced audience experience.​ And optional high frame rate (HFR) capability to achieve 120Hz at 4K resolution or up to 480Hz with 2K resolution. Ready to​ transport your audience to colorful new worlds, Griffyn not only raises the bar for RGB pure laser projection but soars above it.​

Griffyn™ 4K32-RGB pure laser projector walkthrough

Christie® Griffyn™ 4K32-RGB pure laser projector walkthrough


Key features

  • All-in-one, compact design — No external chillers or laser racks at a manageable weight of 175lbs
  • Digital convergence — Easily adjust convergence using the remote control to maintain a perfect image
  • New TruLife+ all-in-one electronics
  • Delivering native 4K at 60Hz, with the option to upgrade to 4K at 120Hz or up to 480Hz with 2K resolution for unprecedented image fidelity
  • Quiet operation — Operates below 46dBA at maximum brightness
  • 4K lens compatibility — Compatible with most Christie 4K lenses
  • Expanded color gamut — Produces >96% of the Rec. 2020 color space for rich, vibrant and true-to-life visuals
  • Omnidirectional — Operates in any orientation for unlimited installation flexibility
  • Energy efficient — Operates on 220V single-phase power for lower cost of ownership
  • Christie Twist — Built-in image warping and multi-projector blending software
  • Field replaceable RGB laser architecture — easy service and replacement of the laser light source
  • Built-in Christie Terra SDVoE connectivity — eliminates the need for any input cards
  • Compatible with Christie Mystique automated camera-based alignment software solution
  • Supports Christie Guardian – Invisible, real-time automatic blended-image correction even when content is playing

We’re here to support your investment

Backed by Christie's industry-leading warranties, service and support, you can feel confident investing in the Christie Griffyn 4K32. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to speak to a Christie sales representative, please contact us.


ISO lumens


Center lumens


ANSI lumens


Contrast ratio


Display type

3DLP 1.38" DMD


4K (4096 x 2160)

*to 50% brightness.




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